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Getting introduced to FreeStyle  After many years of paddling…

Exhibition? Competition?   What’s the difference?

Old Dog, New Tricks   Pine Barrens, “Creekin” Freestyle:  Like many others, I was introduced to paddling when I was quite young, on canoe trips at Summer Camp…

Midwest Canoe Symposium 2017  “It’s been all summer coming, Canoeing at its best.  But now the wait is over, Cause you’re finally at Midwest.”

Wisconsin Canoe Symposium Review   I’m relatively new to freestyle canoeing and have to admit I’m hooked. It provides all of the relaxing, enjoyable elements of flat water paddling and adds an exciting technical challenge. 

Western Pennsylvania Solo Canoe Rendezvous 2017  The first event on the 2017 FreeStyle schedule is the Western Pennsylvania Solo Canoe Rendezvous, coming up on the first full weekend of June. It will take place at our usual home …

Pine Barrens  An Unexpected Wilderness.  So there you are, sittin’ with several of your paddling pals contemplating where you might go for a few days’ canoeing expedition. “Hey, y’all, I know…” one of them calls out, “…let’s go to New Jersey.” Probably not a place that leaps immediately to your mind as a likely paddling destination, am I right? Well, perhaps you should reconsider…

ELEGANT  My introduction to FreeStyle was some fifteen years ago. Ever since, I’ve struggled with describing it to those unfamiliar with the sport. I’ve explained how we teach about and focus on the combined physics of the boat, body and blade; about effectiveness and efficiency.

Promotional Work  It’s a job for all of us.  If we want to see FreeStyle grow or for that matter continue, we all need to play a role in promoting it.

Review: Midwest Canoe Symposium, 2016  The seventeenth (WOW!) annual Midwest Canoe Symposium was held the weekend of September 9-11 this year, and it was an event not to be missed, on several counts…

Review: Wisconsin Canoe Symposium, 2016  Another great rendition of the Wisconsin Canoe Symposium was held June 16 – 19, 2016, again at Pine Lake Camp in Westfield, Wisconsin.  Classes were offered from Beginner to FreeStyle Exhibition levels, including the ever-popular Creekin’ FreeStyle session; all were enjoyed by the participants!

Random Tandem Thoughts  Speaking as one who still feels relatively new to the performance end of FreeStyle, and still has lots to learn, here’s some things I think I think about tandem FreeStyle. So far, anyway. These remarks are directed towards “newer” tandem FreeStylers, or those who might be thinking of giving Tandem FreeStyle a try.

Why Freestyle?  I/we were usually first attracted to FS through seeing some Interpretive FreeStyle performance/routine paddling somewhere – on Youtube, or perhaps live at a FreeStyle exhibition at a paddling event of some kind.  As a single-blade paddler, there’s a big WOW factor  when you first see it.


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