An exhibition of FreeStyle paddling technique set to music

held Saturday Evening of the
Midwest FreeStyle Canoe Symposium

Interpretive FreeStyle Competition Notification and Entry Forms
Registration must be submitted no later than August 11th, 2018

Exhibition? Competition?  What’s the difference?


  1. Fill out one copy of the Registration Form. Return to
    Molly Gurien,
    315 Estates Drive,
    Athens, Ohio, 45701,
    by August 11, 2018 with the entry fee ($20 per person).
    This is the only form required prior to the actual competition.
  2. Fill out the Judging Form. List your turns or other maneuvers in order on the entry form. Make 10 copies of the judging form.
  3. Fill out the Announcer’s Information Form.
  4. Music: If you are using a CD, clearly mark your name and the appropriate track number on the front cover.
    If you are using other than an original artist’s CD, please use only CD-R format.
    PLEASE NOTE: MP3, DVD, or CD/RW will not operate on the sound system.
    Please place your music in a “zip lock” plastic bag with your name on it.
    Turn in your music with the Judging and Announcer’s forms to the judge coordinator by 10am on the day of the competition.


COMPETITION SCORING SHEETS (to be submitted on the day of competition)

COMPETITION REGISTRATION FORM  (must be submitted by the deadline published at the top of this page!)

COMPETITION ANNOUNCER FORM  (to be submitted on the day of competition/exhibition)

If you have any questions regarding any of these forms or procedures, please feel free to call Molly Gurien 740-707-6655; email:


– Paddle an open canoe with a single-bladed paddle
– Paddle to music of your choice for no more than 5 minutes
– Stay within a 50 by 25 meter area (subject to wind and venue)
– Include the four required moves in your program
– Show a variety of technical skills
– Present an artistically and visually pleasing performance
– Provide entry forms and music as required


Solo Women / Solo Men / Tandem 

Note: A competition class shall be composed of a minimum of 5 competitors in each class.

If the minimum number of competitors is not met for the Men’s or Women’s class, classes will be combined into a single Solo class.


Cross Post OR Cross Axle

Additional Considerations:

A paddler or team that falls out of the boat may get out, dry off and then begin again.
You may start over once.

If technical difficulties occur with media (including music starting before the competitor is ready), the competitor should stop and signal for a restart without penalty. Judges will then erase their scores and start over to score the routine.

Competition Committee has determined that a MacKenzie Reversal is not a maneuver, but rather is a position change in the boat, and should be scored by the judges in the Artistic category rather than the Technical category.