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FreeStyle Canoeing is the “art and science” of quietwater paddling.

FreeStyle Canoeing emphasizes smooth, efficient flatwater paddling and precision boat control.

FreeStyle can be applied to all canoeing situations.

Many FreeStyle canoeists paddle to music making an expressible, interpretive art form.

FreeStyle paddling requires no special equipment other than a boat, a paddle, a life jacket, and in most cases a kneeling pad.


View Marc Ornstein’s excellent Axle demonstration here!

And another demonstration of “Functional Freestyle” maneuvers on Raystown Lake, here!

The FreeStyle Canoeing Committee is an ACA National Activity Committee whose purpose is to:

  • Promote FreeStyle canoeing as a convenient lifestyle sport and encourage its growth through the development of recreational and educational programs.
  • Foster the development of FreeStyle paddling skills through the establishment and maintenance of an instructional curriculum consistent with ACA Safety Education and Instruction Council (SEIC) guidelines.
  • Develop an instructional format and train and certify instructors, consistent with SEIC guidelines, to provide interested students with information on FreeStyle technique.
  • Develop competitive events emphasizing FreeStyle paddling skills, and encourage participation.


You can make a tax-deductible donation to the American Canoe Association, and direct it to the Freestyle Canoe Activity Committee, right on their web site!  Your support helps maintain the website, defrays costs of attendance at ACA meetings, and  helps us produce the fine symposiums!

Follow this link: Donate Here

This opens the donation information page, where you fill out all your information, click on the “Submit Donation Securely” button, and you’re done!

And THANK YOU!!!!!

FreeStyle Canoe Events for 2018:

Kringelfieber, April 28 – May 1

Western Pennsylvania Solo Canoe Rendezvous, June 1-3

Wisconsin Canoe Symposium, June 14-17

Adirondack Canoe Symposium, July  19-22

Midwest Canoe Symposium, September 7-9

Pine Barrens Functional Freestyle Symposium, October 12-14 


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